Cajal Multi-photon Microscope - 920nm GCaMP

The multi-photon microscopes are designed for deep imaging through light-scattering tissues, such as the living brain. This booking reserves you the Cajal station for 920nm excitation of GCaMP reporters. Key features:

Two microscopes (Cajal & Golgi), both fed by a tunable Chameleon Vision II femtosecond laser. Its 680-1080nm tuning range covers the 920nm optimal excitation wavelength of GCaMP reporters. It can also be used for calcium dyes, or label-free structural imaging of tubulin and collagen via second harmonic generation.

Acquisition rates of up to 1,000 frames per second using resonant-galvo scanners, implementing Low-power Temporal Over-Sampling (LOTOS) imaging for reduced photodamage.

PMT2101/M GaAsP PMTs.

Rapid beam power modulation using Conoptics 350-105 / 350-50 electro-optic modulators and 302RM high voltage amplifiers.

Light-tight, soundproof Faraday cages.

Future upgrades:

Time-tagged photon counting with a temporal precision of 42 picoseconds, for improved signal-to-background and ΔF/F ratios.

Fluorescence lifetime microscopy, second harmonic generation (SHG) and gated imaging.

Ultra-stable beam alignment using 3D Optix optomechanics.

Rapid volumetric imagery of the living brain at up to 320 volumes per second. (Pending user demand)

Three-photon microscopy at ~1,300nm and ~1,650nm for deeper penetration. (Pending user demand)

Edmond J. Safra (Givat-Ram)

ELSC Core Microscopy Unit